Sónar+DThursday, Friday, Saturday | 11:00 - 22:00

SonarÀgora is the debate area of Sónar+D, open to the entire public of Sónar by Day. In 2023, it will host three types of activities: masterclasses, artists from the festival ‘in conversation’, and debate forums.

Musicians, thinkers, opinion leaders, and research groups will all take part in debates and discussions covering themes from artist communities and music distribution platforms to digital creation tools, best practice in collaborative processes, and how to build virtual and physical spaces that encourage cross-disciplinary relationships.

In total, SonarÀgora will host 13 activities across Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Sónar by Day.

*This stage has a limited capacity. Sónar+D ticket holders have priority access at the start of each activity.