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11/06/2024Actions of the Sónar 2024 sponsors at the festival
These are the actions carried out by Sónar’s sponsors during the days of the festival.Estrella Damm For yet another year, Estrella Damm participates in the biggest music, innovation and creativity event in Barcelona, presenting the SonarVillage by Estrella Damm stage at Sónar by Day, where three great sunsets will be experienced with three of the best DJs on the current electronic music scene. The stage will once again feature the bars designed for the occasion, where the Mediterranean beer will be served, brewed according to the 1876 recipe, the result of a combination of 100% natural ingredients. In addition, Project Area will have a completely new bar, with a design inspired by the Sónar+D 2024 concept. Estrella Damm will also collaborate with the Sónar 2024 cup, which is reusable and 100% recyclable, through an internal procedure that gives circularity to the material. Finally, Estrella Damm is also sponsoring the three Meet & Drinks that will close each day of Sónar+D in Lounge+D.  Lacoste The brand continues to unleash the movement in its communities, staying true to the elegance pioneered by its founder René Lacoste. The design of the official festival bag, as well as the various activations at the festival, reflect the brand's connection to the cutting-edge music scene. At Sónar by Day, Lacoste will have a futuristic oasis to regain strength and charge mobile phones. There, festival-goers will be offered the opportunity to send a message to their future self (they will receive it a year later), with the chance to win prizes on the spot.


NISSAN debuts at Sónar... and debuts its new NISSAN Juke at Sónar. This is the most "rebellious" model in the NISSAN family, a car that is "not ordinary for those who want to be different". A car with a DNA linked to music, which the public will be able to discover in the 'Find Your Vibe' space, where they can get inside the car and create their own hit by touching different parts of it (thanks to the brand's work with the creative studio Glassworks). In addition, NISSAN will also have a chill-out zone and a Silent Disco with DJs and visual artists.


In this edition, SEIDOR presents as part of the Sónar+D programme Sasha Costanza-Chock, academic, researcher and activist who addresses the need to redesign technology from an equitable perspective, counteracting the gender, race, age and ideological biases inherited after generations. In addition, SEIDOR is holding a private session with the acclaimed speaker on diversity and technological inclusivity, aimed at STEAM talent and bringing together more than 500 students from various universities in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Vic.

ME by Meliá

ME by Meliá once again joins the Sónar celebration. On the one hand, with a check-in point at the Hotel ME by Meliá (C/ Casp, 1-13, 08010, Barcelona), open from Tuesday 11 June until Saturday 15 June from 10:30am to 2:30pm and from 4:30pm to 8:30pm. And, on the other hand, with a space located in Sónar by Day where the public will be able to discover much more about the essence of all its hotels, which combine comfort, fashion, technology, music and design. Its bold and daring spirit will be reflected in each of the activities that can be found in this space. And, as if that were not enough, it is also worth remembering that, on 9 May, the Hotel ME by Meliá itself held a Meet&Drink party with numerous faces from the artistic scene and friends of Sónar.

Coca-Cola / Royal Bliss

Coca-Cola is present at Sónar for another year with its Royal Bliss brand. It has a space in Sónar by Day, next to the Stage+D entrance, where you will find a bar with special cocktails prepared by bartenders with a wide range of mixers. The chill-out area specially prepared by the brand will be the ideal place to enjoy these cocktails.


OCB continues its collaboration with Sónar in this 2024, this time giving out smoking paper booklets and other gifts in its branded space through a fun quiz that will leave no one indifferent. In addition, every morning, OCB welcomes the Sónar+D community in the smoking area, providing a comfortable space for a break between presentations and activities.


DAITSU has started its journey into music territory on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. As part of this collaboration, DAITSU brings to Sónar by Day a pop-up experience that connects with the benefits of having air conditioning and with its commitment to facilitate the creation of more comfortable spaces with air conditioning solutions that ensure the well-being of society and the protection of the environment. In this way, it proposes a dynamic that highlights its values in a fun and fresh way. The space features a ball pool, where the most daring visitors can win refreshing gifts for this summer.


AlphaTheta will be, since its first year under this name, with the best of its equipment for the artists at Sónar. In this 2024, they will present two activities: a stand in Project Area, where they will exhibit together with Tribe XR 'DJing in VR', with the latest XR technology, and, on Friday at 6pm in Room+D, a demo of their new mixer Euphonia with DJ Gene On Earth.

Red Bull

Once again this year, Red Bull is in charge of the furniture at Sónar; custom-made furniture that serves to decorate all the VIP areas of the festival: SonarVIP by Red Bull, at Sónar by Day, and SonarVIP Club by Red Bull and SonarVIP Pub by Red Bull, at Sónar by Night.


DICE, the festival's ticketing partner, is once again presenting the SonarPark by DICE stage at Sónar by Day, designed to showcase the spirit of the festival in its most radical and innovative form. In addition, DICE presents on this stage the shows of Meritxell de Soto, Dyce, Amore, Dj Fucci, ABHIR and Gabber Eleganza with his 'The Hakke Show'. On the other hand, DICE presents on Friday at 4:30pm in Room+D the talk 'Migrate to create', which will feature artists ABHIR, Dyce, Amatra and Dj Fucci, moderated by Fernanda Alemán.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera makes its debut at Sónar, as well as its daring and refined perfumes 212 VIP Black and 212 VIP Rosé Elixir. Come by their stand to connect with all five senses and take home the most exclusive olfactory experience at Sónar.


SILENCE joins Sónar to offer a unique and innovative experience. It invites the Madrid artist Sabek to interpret, through his particular palette of colours, what it means to live the city in 'on' mode and offers in this space, full of vibrant colours, the essential meeting point for those attending the festival. Here you can charge your mobile phone at any time.

Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias and summer merge with its sweet melon, strawberry and unmistakable classic varieties. Come to the Puerto de Indias stand, try their new flavours and discover all the surprises they have prepared for you.


Undoubtedly, Jägermeister is a daring, unconventional brand with a trend-setting personality. With its perfect -18º toasted in its tap machines, its shot is the perfect accompaniment to begin, continue and culminate the most special moments with your friends. Toast with Jägermeister in all the bars of the festival.

Sierra Tequila

Sierra Tequila is proudly of Mexican origin and comes to Sónar straight from the distilleries of Jalisco, bringing with it the authentic essence of blue agave and artisanal tradition. Sierra Tequila awaits you at every Sónar bar, where every shot is a celebration of the rich heritage of its fourth generation family of producers.

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's strong connection with music has motivated the presence of the American whiskey at Sónar 2024. With an exclusive cocktail bar and a photocall to immortalise the most special moments, Jack Daniel's is an undeniable part of the festival experience and awaits you in its space to enjoy its apple, honey, fire and classic nº7 varieties.

Taco Bell

La Taconeta de Taco Bell is coming to Sónar to give it all and accompany you on your festival adventure. Replenish your strength between dances and feed your rebellious soul with the incredible variety of products at their stall in the Food Market. You'll have a hard time deciding between their varied gastronomic offerings, as you can delight your palate with the three Supreme Tacos, the melting cheese quesadilla or the juicy Quesarito Burrito. Meat and veggie versions are available, guaranteeing an explosion of flavour in every bite.


Haribo brings its iconic golden bears to Sónar for the first time, to remind us that its unmistakable flavour and fun accompanies us in all stages of our lives. Meet Haribo Bear and his team at the main entrance of Sónar by Day and delight yourself with his sweets and surprises during the three days of the festival.


The GOIKO beast awaits you at Sónar by Night with its unmistakable street burgers. Don't let hunger stop you and enjoy their delicious preparations while you experience an unforgettable night of music and fun.


Segway-Ninebot accompanies us at Sónar with its 'behind the scenes' contribution, helping us with its innovative fleet of scooters so that Sónar is perfectly set up and ready for everyone to dance and enjoy.


Hears Earplugs is an innovative brand that aims to revolutionise sound experiences and foster meaningful connections. With its breakthrough earplug technology, Hears is committed to changing the way people listen to music and participate in social environments. Experience the future of sound with Hears and be part of a transformative journey to protect your hearing while enjoying immersive music experiences. Interested? Get your pair of Hears Earplugs - Sónar Edition at our merchandising stand
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11/06/202412 unmissable highlights of Sónar 2024
With just a few hours to go before the festival kicks off, and after having delved into the different programmes of Sónar by DaySónar by Night and Sónar+D, it’s time to take a last look at the complete programme of Sónar 2024 with 12 essential highlights.  1. Air return to the Moon 25 years after their classic debut Moon Safarithe French electro-pop duo Air, head up Friday at Sónar by Night. A critical hit on publication, and still today a cult favourite, Moon Safari continues to enthrall thanks to its rich and timeless sound, linking downtempo electronica with the lackadaisical pop structures of chanson française. As well as launching the careers of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, the album contributed a number of tracks to the pop-music canon, including the classics ‘Sexy Boy’, ‘All I Need’ or ‘La Femme D’Argent’. 2024 sees the first time the duo will perform the full album in its entirety with a full band, with Sónar by Night an essential stop for lovers of pop-inflected electronica  2. Three sunset sets, helmed by three Sónar classics This year, the coveted sunset sets at SonarVillage by Estrella Damm will be steered by three icons of French electronica. On Thursday 13th June, Folamour will present his new AV show, while Friday 14th sees the much anticipated return to Sónar of Laurent Garnier. Saturday 15th sees an exclusive joint set by techno and electro doyenne Kittin (fka Miss Kitten) and David Vunk Other highlights of the stage across the three days include the pop-electronica, hip-hop stylings of the East-African musician Kabeaushé, a hybrid show from Olof Dreijer (The Knife) with live percussion from Diva Cruz, and the category defying Estonian rapper TOMMY CASH, among many more.   3. Sónar+D: a look at the future of the creative industries in an era of radical transformation The 12th edition of Sónar+D aims to listen to, see and learn how different actors are adapting to the new reality of the creative industries, with the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence, the economic imperative of platform capitalism and the new frontiers opening up with immersive entertainment and augmented reality now at the center of our lives. Once again this year, Sónar by Day opens at 10am on Thursday and Friday, with a talks programme that will feature more than 370 artists, developers, researchers and teachers and the participation of more than 70 organizations from all over the world. Project Area, with the support of the Banco Sabadell Foundation, will showcase the most creative and innovative projects of the moment, welcoming all the festival's audiences to touch, ask, experiment and, in short, discover. In addition, Sónar+D activities take place throughout the venue, with AV talks and multidisciplinary performances on the dedicated Stage+D, and a number of shows at SonarHall and Complex+D that reflect the themes and concepts of this year’s programme.  4. Discover how artists are using AI to unlock creativity Over the next three years, Sónar will be dedicating part of its programming to examining the intersection of Generative AI and musical creativity. Following in the footsteps of a standalone festival in 2021, the AI & Music programme powered by S+T+ARTS at Sónar by Day puts the focus on creativity over optimisation, with artists, performers and researchers who are using Gen AI technology to unlock creativity. These include Sevdaliza's AI augmented electronic-pop, the sound art practise of  Nicole L'Hullier or Marta VerdeRob Clouth's algorithmic techno and electronic musician Lee Gamble and choreographer Candela Capitan's conceptual, dance based show ‘Models’, co-produced by Unsound Festival. The programme also encourages hands-on experimentation with the Prompting Afternoons and the AI & Music Hacklab hosted by technologist Peter Kirn and artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, as well as a full programme of talks and panels, and demos in the Project Area.   5. ‘Let’s get (meta)physical’: Performances that go beyond music This year Sónar presents a number of co-productions from the vanguard of the European scene, each marked by a groundbreaking and radical character. These include ‘CORTEX’, a new live sshow produced by Sónar in tandem with the choreographer Kiani del Valle, the creative studio Hamill Industries and Latinx producer (and Rosalía collaborator) TayhanaAnother Sónar co-production, this time with Krakow’s Unsound Festival, Lee Gamble presents the live show for his recent AI augmented album Models, with choreography and dance by Candela Capitan. Dance as a form of creative expression similarly features prominently in work by Blackhaine, as well as the Italian producer Gabber Eleganza’s ‘The Hakke Show’, while the augmentation of performance through wearables, AV and costume are explored in two innovative shows; ‘321 Rule’ by Team Rolfes, featuring Lil Mariko, and the astounding 6hr performance ‘Physis’  by ASIANDOPEBOYS.  6. A global, and hyperlocal party, bringing together microscenes from around the world The 31st edition of Sónar brings together pioneers of dance music with the hyperlocal microscenes that are pushing the artform forward, injecting a dose of radical aesthetics and inclusivity. This edition is also a celebration of the diversity of genres and subgenres that defines electronic music in 2024; from ambient to drum and bass, happy hardcore to black metal passing throigh deconstructed club, memecore, gabber or hyperpop. Sónar 2024 goes beyond viral hits or instagram hype, with a curated selection of national and international artists, united by their love of experimentation and desire to impact the culture. These shows include live shows by Aïsha DeviMarie DavidsonVerde PratoLoraine JamesIceboy Violet & NueenToya Delazy La Goony Chonga sets from groundbreaking djs such as DJ GigolaBlck MambaGAZZI b2b DALILADreahorsegiirLAkazieVerushka¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$UMeritxell de Soto and breakout artists of the national scene such as Dycepablopablo or AMORE.  7. The biggest names in club music, on the ‘World’s biggest dancefloor’. The influence of Air - along with Daft Punk, responsible for bringing a melodic sensibility that pushed electronic music into the mainstream - can be felt in the work of three artists at Sónar by night, whose pulsating techno is tempered with a pop sensibility: Paul Kalkbrenner, Ben Böhmer, and the DJ duo Adriatique, all of whom will be playing Sónar by Night. Elsewhere, the biggest names in contemporary club music will direct the crowds on the ‘World’s biggest dancefloor: with Charlotte de Witte’s live show ‘Overdrive’, through to live acid techno from Reinier Zonneveld, via key figures in the EU club scene, Jennifer Cardini b2b HAAiFloating PointsVTSSAnetha and Héctor Oaks b2b Partiboi69.  8. Richie Hawtin presents the European debut of his new live show at Sónar Few artists explore the relationship between electronic music and technology with more curiosity and creativity than Richie Hawtin. That’s why Sónar is honoured to host the exclusive European premiere of his new live show DEX EFX X0X. In an era of overblown visuals and giant screens everywhere, the techno visionary takes us back to the roots of clubbing with immersive sound and lighting set-up, designed to create an atmosphere ‘more akin to a club than a concert’. It goes without saying we’re counting down the days and hours.  9. SonarLab x Printworks: a slice of London, lands in Barcelona  For the first time Sónar collaborates with Printworks, bringing the spirit of the much missed UK nightlife institution to Sónar by Night. Taking over the iconic SonarLab stage - traditionally a home for innovations in the UK scene, from bass to grime, drum and bass and progressive club - this new chapter adds production in the form of a 6x10m2 vertical screen and a fresh lighting design. The focus is on AV accentuated sets and live shows from artists familiar to fans of both Printworks and Sónar: CASISDEAD, KI/KI liveOctave OneEliza Rose b2b Dan Shake b2b Sally CJASSSDJ Flight & MC Chickabooand many more.   10. Hip-hop and r&b continues to evolve at Sónar Set a date with two of hip-hop and r&b’s most thoughtful innovators at Sónar by Night, as California rapper Vince Staples brings his new album Dark Times to life, while Kaytranada, one of the most influential producers of recent times, will perform another set of his sublime electro-funk and r&b. Other artists contributing to the innovation and evolution of the artform include the incognito British rapper CASISDEAD, and a host of Spanish artists with unique styles and perspectives: Ceuta’s Soto Asa, the Indian-Canary Islander ABHIR, Granada’s Judeline or the upcoming rapper Huda.  11. A homage to House Music: From NYC to the UK underground Three artists synonymous with the NYC house scene of the late 1980’s and early 90’s come to Sónar by Night on Friday 14th and Sat 15th June. Kerri Chandler, the producer and DJ who brought unprecedented musicality to latin house, presents his ‘reel-2-reel’ show, a hybrid dj set and performance using reels of magnetic tape in place of the traditional turntables. He’s joined on the line up by another legend; dj and producer Danny Tenaglia, whose extended remixes brought pop acts into the club, as well as another legendary duo: The Martinez BrothersHouse music continues to resound in clubs around the world today, partly thanks to labels such as Toy Tonics, whose founders Kapote & Sam Ruffillo will present a ‘jam’ of their classic releases, while the unprecedented b2b2b2b from Eliza Rose, Dan Shake and Sally C will point to where house has still to go.   12. Sónar Week: much more than a festival With Sónar comes Sónar Week, and once again, Barcelona will become the epicenter of electronic music and cultural innovation. In addition to the line-ups for Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night and Sónar+D, OFFSónar returns to the Poble Espanyol in Montjuic, with parties from Brunch ElectronikX by AdriatiqueSolid GroovesKeinemusikFUSE London and elrow, taking place every day from Thursday to Sunday.  In addition, Sónar and Casa Batlló inaugurate the new space THE CUBE in Gaudí's emblematic building with the world premiere of the 360º installation ‘Music:Response’ by The Chemical Brothers and Smith & Lyall+RAIN the international AI-generated film festival co-organised with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, celebrates its second edition on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 June, and SonarMies will host the installation ‘Liquid Strata’ by oceanographer Joan Llort and artists Entangled Others and Daphne Xanthopoulou at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.
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