23/11/2023Open Call: exhibit your project at Sónar+D 2024. Apply by 22nd December.
Today we announce the Sónar+D 2024 Open Call, offering you the chance to showcase your work at Sónar 2024 on the 13th, 14th and 15th of June next year. We want you to join the biggest celebration of creative talent in Barcelona, and help us continue to position the city as a global hub for creativity, research, and technology.  If you’re an artist, designer, or researcher; or if you’re part of a studio, collective, or other organisation working with creativity, research and technology; you could have your work exhibited in our Project Area next summer. You can submit your ideas and proposals for consideration until Friday 22nd December 2023. Project Area is the beating heart of Sónar+D, a forum, exhibition area and testing ground open to all attendees at Sónar by Day, where creative technology and innovative art meet eye-opening research, AI-generated visuals, and experimental video games. If selected, your work will be on display to thousands of people across the three days of Sónar 2024. This year, we’re asking for projects, prototypes, ideas and products that fall under the following categories: 
  • Music & Sound* 
    Research, design and technology focused on music or sound. 
  • AI and Music* 
    Research, design and technology that combines Artificial Intelligence or machine-learning with musical production. 
  • Avatars, Digital Beings, and the Metaverse 
    Work that explores human-machine symbiosis and the art of creating digital selves.
  • Experimental and artistic gaming
    Video games that push boundaries and explore new creative narratives.  
  • Realities+D - Alternative Realities 
    Augmented Realities (AR), Virtual Realities (VR), and Extended Realities (XR).  
  • AI and Film 
    Research, design and technology that combines Artificial Intelligence or machine-learning with cinema and film production.
  • Blockchain experiments 
    Novel and innovative projects and ideas that make use of blockchain technology.
 *Please note that we will not be accepting any applications for DJ sets or any kind of musical performances, any applications that include such proposals will be immediately deleted on reception.  If you think your idea belongs at Sónar+D 2024, submit your application now via this form before Friday 22nd December. Please read the FAQ below for more information on how to submit your application and what we’re looking for.  Please read the following information carefully BEFORE submitting your application:
  • · Sónar+D will cover costs associated with exhibition during the festival, but will not cover production or development costs of any projects.
  • · Projects must be suitable for exhibition at the Sónar+D Project Area.
  • · We welcome submissions from anywhere in the world. Proposals can be submitted in English, Spanish or Catalan.
  • · We will not accept any applications for performances of any kind: neither musical nor DJ sets.
  • · Once completed, your application cannot be edited.
  • · Who is the open call for?
  • · What is Sónar+D 2024?
  • · What kind of projects will be considered?
  • · Why present my project at Sónar+D?
  • · Where will my project be presented at Sónar+D?
  • · What will Sónar+D offer me for my participation? 
  • · How do I apply? 
 Who is the open call for? This open call is aimed at artists, makers, creative technology start-ups and businesses, universities and educational institutions, creative laboratories and research centres.  What is Sónar+D 2024? Sónar+D 2024 takes place as part of Sónar by Day on the 13th, 14th and 15th June 2024. Organised every year since 2013, it’s an ‘anti-disciplinary’ event that explores how creativity changes the present and imagines new futures, with a focus on technology and innovation. It’s where you’ll find Sónar’s most experimental and forward-thinking programming, a carefully curated mix of talks, exhibits, forums and masterclasses, plus groundbreaking performances that go beyond music.

Geared towards curious minds as well as leading experts and specialists, it draws a mix of artists, designers, thinkers, creatives, scientists and entrepreneurs to Barcelona every year, serving as a venue where these communities can explore their shared interests and get to know each other.
 Since 2022, Sónar+D has been open to the general public at Sónar by Day, who can visit the majority of activities and areas, including the Project Area and all performances at Stage+D and Complex+D. A selection of activities and areas, including the Thursday and Friday morning programme as launched in 2023, remain exclusively available to SonarPass+D and Sónar by Day Pass ticket holders.   What kind of projects will be considered? Submissions will be accepted from projects under the following headings: 
  • Music & Sound*
  • AI and Music*
  • Avatars, Digital Beings and the metaverse
  • Experimental and artistic gaming
  • Realities+D - Alternative Realities (AR, VR and XR)
  • AI and Film
  • Blockchain experiments
 *Please note that we will not be accepting any applications for DJ sets or any kind of musical performances, any applications that include such proposals will be immediately deleted on reception.   Why present my project at Sónar+D? Sónar+D offers you the opportunity to present your project, product or idea to a wide, transversal and international audience. You’ll be exhibiting to an audience of thousands of people, ranging from the general public to journalists and potential clients.  You’ll also be part of a community of other participants and exhibitors, which will help you build contacts, get valuable feedback, and inspire yourself with other projects and products.   Where will my project be exhibited at Sónar+D? Your project will be exhibited within the Sónar+D Project Area, which was introduced at Sónar+D 2023. Part forum, and part multi-faceted exhibition area, Project Area connects Sónar+D with the rest of the festival, featuring a variety of booths and stands where projects, products and ideas (both final and under development) are showcased by their creators: designers, artists, businesses, start-ups, research institutions, and other organisations.  Project Area is open to the general public at Sónar by Day from 3pm each day, and exclusively to Sónar+D ticket-holders on Thursday and Friday morning, meaning your work will be exhibited to an audience that includes the general public as well as experts and specialists. You’ll even be able to set up your own interactive workshop in the Project Area if you’re interested in doing so.  What will Sónar+D offer me for my participation?  We’ll help you exhibit your project at Sónar+D 2024, where you’ll be part of a dynamic community of exhibitors from around the world and where your work will be on display to over 25,000 Sónar by Day attendees.  We’ll provide you with a physical space to exhibit in the Project Area and cover all exhibition costs (electricity consumption, on-site assistance from Sónar+D staff, cleaning), plus a set of guidelines for setting up and dismantling your exhibit.
Please note that expenses associated with the production, promotion, development, or implementation of any project will not be covered.
 In addition, we’ll also offer you: · Besides your 3 exhibitor passes, we’ll offer you 5 x SonarPass+D for each selected project, providing access to all Sónar+D activities and all of  Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night. · Access to the exclusive Sónar+D morning programme of masterclasses, panels and community meet-ups on Thursday and Friday morning. Access to Lounge+D, an exclusive networking area featuring a bar and cafe reserved for Sónar+D ticket holders.  · Help publicise and provide visibility for your project via the Sónar+D communication channels.  · Access to the Sónar+D Networking App, which allows you to connect with the entire Sónar+D community. · Discount when purchasing additional SonarPass+D tickets.  How do I apply?  · Send us your application by filling in this form. · The deadline for submissions is Friday 22nd December.
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22/11/2023SonarMix 030: Laura BCR - Deep, dubby grooves from a lifelong techno aficionado
Although Laura BCR describes herself as “hyperactive”, you wouldn’t pick that up from SonarMix 030, the first SonarMix to come from the Sónar Lisboa lineup. The French artist - now based in Rotterdam after a long stint in Berlin - mixes so seamlessly that it’s hard to tell where one track ends and the next begins. A DJ, producer, party promoter, booking agent and label manager (On Board Music), she attributes her boundless energy to over a decade spent working with “some of the most talented and passionate people in the game”. 
 To open this new season of SonarMix, she cycles through “dubs, breaks and high-energy rhythms”, providing a 57-minute sampler of her deep, psychedelic sound. Recorded “spontaneously at home in one take”, it’s almost entirely composed of recent or forthcoming tracks from the fertile worldwide deep techno underground. There’s a typically rolling, percussive cut from fellow Frenchwoman Gigi FM; spaced-out acid from Brussels’ Foreign Material; forthcoming tracks from On Board signees Polygonia and Steffi; a slice of jacking dub techno from prolific veteran producer Gunjack; and a yet-to-be-released track from Laura herself. It’s a tracklist that pays tribute to her friends and contemporaries, as well as her passion for new music; a lifelong vinyl junkie, she takes her name from the record store she used to own in Berlin, Bass Cadet Records (which sadly closed in 2019).  It also serves as an invitation to come see her play at Sónar Lisboa 2024 on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th March next year, where she’ll ask you to “leave your phone in your pocket and close your eyes” as you lose yourself on the dancefloor at Parque Eduardo VII. Tracklist:
Zara - Quixotic 
Doltz - Mimei (HI-C Remix) Gigi FM - Amadamushies Ben Buitendijk - XXX Tammo Hesselink - Nut WandelForeign Material - The Living PlanetPsyk - ParadeSteffi - Individuals From All Walks (Rosati Remix)Luigi Tozzi - HaboobRene Wise - GorillaPolygonia - Forthcoming Luigi Tozzi - SorceryGunjack - Ratsel BoxKorbeat - ReconocerseKontinium - Doom ScrollingLaura BCR - How Do I Get To Know YouPolygonia - Forthcoming Steffi - The Red Hunter (Barker Remix)Endurance - Novum
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