16/05/2024Scream if you want to go louder: Watch「The Destroyer」the new video from VMO a.k.a Violent Magic Orchestra, exclusively at Sónar

Q: What do you get if you mix black metal with hardcore? A: ‘The most extreme live act at Sónar 2024’, VMO a.k.a. Violent Magic Orchestra.


The Japanese five-piece are famed for their punishing live shows that combine the raw energy of high-bpm dance music and the intensity of metal and noise. Expect stage diving, corpse paint, walls of amplifiers, and a visual and lighting setup that’s designed to overwhelm the senses entirely when they come to Sónar by Day


Today we’re premiering their new video, created by Raf B from theconstruct.xyz. Taken from their latest album Death Rave, 「The Destroyer」is a slice of blackened hard trance; euphoric melodies matched with earsplitting screams. The clip is similarly epic, taking cues from the vivid visual style of animé (echoes of Akira) and the hyperreal style of role-playing video games.



Just what you need to get ready for VMO at SonarHall on Friday 14th June.