• You can already top up your SonarCashless balance for Sónar 2024
  • If you top up ahead of the festival, when you check in and collect your festival wristband, your money will already be available to use
  • Before topping up online, please make sure that the only Sónar 2024 ticket(s) on your DICE account are those you’ll be using yourself. If you have a ticket for a friend, please transfer it to them. And if a friend has a ticket for you, ask them to send it to you.  
  • Head to the SonarCashless platform and: (1) Enter the email address linked to your DICE account; or the alphanumeric code on your ticket. (2) Select the amount you’d like to top up. (3) Complete the transaction using your debit or credit card. You’ll receive an email with confirmation of the transaction.  
  • After the festival, you can request a full refund for any unused money, free of charge.

The use of the SonarCashless wristband constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are included as part of the General Conditions of Sale and Access to Sónar.

SonarCashless is the way to pay at Sónar 2024
  • SonarCashless is 100% free of charge: we do not charge any fees for top ups, transactions or refunds. 
  • It works using a plastic chip on your festival wristband, which you’ll collect when you check in at Sónar 2024.  
  • DO NOT THROW YOUR WRISTBAND AWAY AFTER THE FESTIVAL, you’ll need it to claim a refund for any unused money. 


How to top up during the festival
  • On your smartphone, by scanning the QR code on your wristband or via the SonarApp (card and preset amounts only)  
  • At SonarCashless points (card or cash, in multiples of 5€) 
  • At self-service ‘totems’ (card and preset amounts only) 
Pay using your wristband at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night
  • Pay for any of your purchases at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night by showing your festival wristband.  
  • You can check your balance at any time simply by scanning the QR code on your wristband. You can also check your balance at any SonarCashless point or self-service ‘totem’. 


Things you need to know
  • Look after your wristband, Sónar will not be held responsible for its loss. It contains both your money and your ticket(s), and you will not be able to enter the festival without it.  
  • DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR WRISTBAND AFTER THE FESTIVAL. You’ll need it to reclaim a refund for any unused money. Without the alphanumeric code on it we won’t be able to process your refund. 
  • Your wristband is personal and non-transferrable. Sónar reserves the right to refuse admission should the wristband appear to have been cut, torn or otherwise tampered with. 
  • You can’t transfer money from one wristband to another, nor combine the balance from more than one wristband to make purchases. 
  • SonarCashless is the only way to pay at Sónar 2024, with the exception of the lockers at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night which only accept credit or debit cards
  • The use of SonarCashless constitutes acceptance of  the General Conditions of Sale and Access to Sónar


How to claim your refund after the festival
  • You can claim a refund for any unused money after the festival, online and free of charge, by scanning the QR code on your wristband or by entering the alphanumeric code on your wristband at this link*.
  • To claim your refund you’ll need your festival wristband and a contact email address
  • We do not charge any transaction costs for refunds. Your own bank may charge fees in some cases.
  • The refund period will be open from 13:00 on Tuesday 18th June until 23:59 on Friday 30th June (all times CEST). We will not process any refund requests received outside this period. Refund requests will only be accepted online and via the form you’ll find at the above link.
  • Your refund will be processed within 10 days** of us receiving your request, provided you have entered the required details. 

*link will be made available after the festival, on Tuesday 18th June

**dependent on reception of correct information, the location of your bank or other issues with your bank