Food at Sónar

In 2023, Sónar will once again offer a unique, diverse variety of food options at the festival, suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements. This year’s options come from a selection of establishments, featuring local and organic meats and vegetables, cuisines and recipes from around the world, 100% plant-based foods, fresh and natural ingredients, and wines that promote biodiversity.


The SonarVIP by Red Bull area at Sónar by Day features a kitchen run by brothers Max and Stefano Colombo (Xemei, Barcelona) under their brands Fratello Colombo and Can Pizza. Expect fresh, informal, Mediterranean-style food, suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements.


At Sónar+D, there’ll be two different food and drink spaces: Lounge Bar and Wine Bar.


Inside Lounge Bar, Lulu & Flyn (Barcelona), will offer delicious sandwiches and sustainable coffee alongside unique smoothies and salads, all made with fresh, natural ingredients. 


In the Wine Bar, Fratello Colombo serves wine by the glass, accompanied by a selection of tapas. On offer, a selection of nine unique wines made with native grape varieties from wine-makers that support and promote biodiversity.


The food-truck zone at Sónar by Day has been relocated into a covered and air conditioned area, to protect attendees from the sun and heat while they relax and eat. 


Sónar by Day features food for all tastes and dietary requirements: 


  • Fileteando: Hamburgers made with environmentally and ecologically friendly meat
  • Hanna Vegan Food: Vegan dishes
  • Chuchy Hot Dogs: The ultimate Hot Dog
  • Salsa, tacos y quesadillas from Mexico
  • Lúcuma y Camote: Small plates inspired by traditional peruvian food. 
  • María Una Crep: Artisanal crepes
  • Funky Sumo: Sandwiches cooked on a Japanese ‘Robota’ grill
  • Panzer8: Roman style street food
  • Turin Gelato: Creamy Italian ice-cream



Sónar by Night also has a food-truck zone, located, as always, in the same hall as SonarCar by TOUS.


  • Vicio: Fast, good & loud burgers
  • Indi Food Truck: Artisanal hot dogs
  • Panzer8: Roman style street food
  • Indakalma on the road: Food made with locally sourced ingredients
  • Cal Pastor: Mexican tacos
  • Mother Wok - Corazón Verde: Asian noodle and rice dishes
  • Crepería La Moderna: Artisanal crepes
  • Katze: Vegan dishes
  • King Kebab: Kebabs and middle-eastern street food.
  • Q Street Food: Eastern-inspired sandwiches

Sónar serves Estrella Damm beer, including gluten-free and non-alcoholic varieties. Thunder Bitch provides an explosive combination of premium Canadian whiskey with cinnamon and chili. Coca-Cola’s new Royal Bliss space offers specialty cocktails, and this year there will also be non-alcoholic mixed drinks, courtesy of the brand-new Tanqueray 0.0%.


The first time you order a drink  you’ll need to buy the Sónar 2023 cup at any bar for 1€. Keep hold of it throughout the festival and hand it over at the bar each time you order a drink. Read more about the recyclable and biodegradable Sónar 2023 cup, developed by Ecogots, here.