02/08/2023SonarMix 026: AINES - Cycling through genres and moods

From the first kick of SonarMix 026, it’s clear that AINES didn’t come to Sónar 2023  to play just any set. The Catalan selector was the first DJ to take to the stage at SonarVillage by Estrella Damm on the afternoon of Saturday 17th June, two days and one night into the festival. 




For her debut at the festival, she drew from “ the various emotions I’ve felt over the past year, cycling through as many genres as moods,” as she tells us a month and half on. Said cocktail of emotions made for an “intense hour of music” which took the audience at Sónar’s 30th anniversary “from dark and rebellious breakbeat to empowered hip-hop, moving through groove-filled melodies and rhythms before ending with uplifting jungle.” 


And so SonarMix 026 starts with Porter Brook’s “Fwd” and ends a jungle remix of Roy Ayers’ classic “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”, courtesy of Kotu. Along the way, AINES takes diversions through Pelada’s feminist discourse, a pop-tinged track from Pangaea, a typically percussive joint from Ahadadream (who’d follow her later that day on the same stage), metallic-voiced latinx club from Nicola Cruz, and a warm groover from Roza Terenzi (who’d closed the previous night back-to-back with ISAbella). And of course, she includes a few as-yet unreleased homemade weapons: a remix of Adelaida’s “El Crit” de Adelaida (an unexpected, yet welcome, dose of Catalan lyricism) and “cute nenas love groovin’”, co-produced with Spanish DJ and producer ALVVA.


In short, an hour of music that kicked off Saturday at Sónar by Day with a bang, now available as part of our SonarMix series for everyone to hear.



Porter Brook - Fwd

Tom Blip - Kickdrums!!!

K-LONE - Zissou

Ben Hauke - Dep First Draft

Pelada - A Mí Me Juzgan Por Ser Mujer

Regal86 - Bumper

Adelaida - El Crit (AINES Remix) (unreleased)

Hodge - Sub 100

Leikeli47 - Bad Gyal Flex

ALVVA, AINES - cute nenas love groovin’ (unreleased)

Greedy G - Expression

Pangaea - Installabon

Chico Blanco - Cadillac (Yenk + CB Re-Edit)

The Prodigy - Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix)

Ahadadream - Melty

Tarquin, TSVI, Luru, Jammz - Come To The Dance

Nicola Cruz - Se Pone Caliente

Roza Terenzi - Stylish Tantrum

MCR-T & Miss Bashful - Sad Slut (Sped Up)

Tim Reaper - Bulletproof

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Kotu Remix)