13/05/2024SonarMix 042: Olof Dreijer - Colourful, playful, and percussive dance music

As one half of The Knife, Olof Dreijer made music that sounded like nothing else. His solo releases, first under the incognito alias Oni Aynhun, and now under his own name on esteemed labels like AD93 and Hessle Audio, have continued to redefine club music, full of inimitable colours and textures. Now he’s stepping out of the shadows as a DJ, and SonarMix 042 once again finds him pushing the envelope, packed with polyrhythms, homemade mashups, and his own productions.





“I tried to capture the creative and playful energy of my DJ sets” is how he introduces the set. It starts with Olof’s inimitable steel pans and bright synths blended into Portuguese batida rhythms. It’s a mashup of his own ‘Camelia’ and DJ Lilocox’s ‘Ritmos’, the first of many throughout the mix, with Olof deconstructing and reconstructing tracks and rhythms from gqom and amapiano to samba and baile funk. You’ll also find an unreleased track with Colombian-Swedish percussionist Diva Cruz - who’ll appear with him at Sónar by Day - and handfuls of vocal acapellas (“a lot of fun to make”) ranging from salsa queen Celia Cruz to queer rapper Cakes da Killa.


It comes to a furious crescendo 10 minutes out - the vocal from D-Train’s soul-disco classic ‘You’re the One for Me’ over a full samba school band, anyone? - before Björk & Rosalia’s voices intertwine with the liquid groove and sparkling melody of his own track ‘Rosa Rugosa’. It’s the kind of mix that only Olof could create: colourful, creative, playful, and percussive in equal parts. Get ready for more of the same on Thursday 13th June



DJ Lilocox - Ritmos

Olof Dreijer - Camelia

Omagoqa - Back To Ebombeni 

Laya - Too Up (Acapella)

Marlon D - Jesus Creates Sound

Kenny Dope - Wakki

Yaya Bey - me and all my n****s (Acapella)

Olof Dreijer & Diva Cruz - Acuyuye

NKC - HD Anthem

Celia Cruz - Azúcar Negra

TSVI - Aziza (feat. Dj JM)

KG & Scratchclart - Strings Of Death

MC Carol - Ki Suco E Xereca (Acapella)

Scratcha DVA - Ammo (feat. Citizen Boy)

Gloria Groove - Radar (Acapella)

DJ Lilocox - Ritmos

MC Kevin O Chris & MC Caja - Papin

th4ys, Yuri Redicopa & DJ Caio Santos - Cypher Da Bolha (feat. Bia Soul, Cunha & Hidvn)

DJ Lycox - Rapaz Sinistro

DJ João Marconex - Matagal do Casarão

MC ZL, MC Dkennedy & DJ Dh - Funk Do Toninho Tornado (feat. CLUB DA DZ7)

Olof Dreijer - Iris

F38 - Te Avisei

Cakes da Killa - Cakewalk  (Acapella)

MC Livinho & Dj R7 - Vai Cavala

Johnny Bravo - PISA

D-train - You're the One for Me

Escola De Samba Mocidade Independente De Padre Miguel - Esquentando O Couro

Olof Dreijer - Rosa Rugosa

Björk & Rosalia - Oral (Olof Dreijer remix)