18/10/2023SonarMix 029: Cardopusher - Pulverising sonics for body and brain

To close this season of SonarMix, Sónar regular Cardopusher offers up a special session. Inspired by the experience of opening for Aphex Twin at Sónar by Night this year, Luis Garbán’s SonarMix 029 looks to “the music that inspired me as I took my first steps as a producer in the early 2000s.”



Sometimes stomach-churning, sometimes pulverising, and sometimes headache-inducing, it’s not for the faint-hearted: “a mix of genres that go from breakcore, noise and hardcore to gabber, industrial and IDM.” By the time you get to Cylob’s disarming (and surprisingly futureproof) vocoder ballad ‘Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass’, you might need to catch your breath.


There’s an opening salvo that pays tribute to his heroes Venetian Snares and Kid606, a smattering of cuts (including unreleased tracks) from his Cardopusher and Safety Trance aliases, as well as music from the outermost fringes of dance music “that maintain the same sonic essence”, by the likes of Talpah and vertigoaway & purity://filter. And of course, a track (the demented hardcore of ‘Mangle 11’) from the artist also known as Richard D. James, who “not only introduced me to electronic music in general, but also led me to explore other genres, amongst them breakcore and IDM, my first obsessions.”


58 minutes of challenging, genre-defying music from the past, present and future: the perfect sign-off for the 2023 season of SonarMix. 


Cardopusher - Nowhere To Run

Kid606 - Kidrush

Venetian Snares - Choprite

Kid606 - Juvenile Rollcall

Cardopusher - Void96

I:gor - Maligno

Sewerslvt - Slvtcrvsher

Talpah - There Is Nothing Here

Aphex Twin - Mangle 11

Safety Trance x DJ Loser - Serpent's Cell

Safety Trance - Untitled

vertigoaway & purity://filter - TSOF (the sound of......)

Cardopusher - Untitled

Half Mortal - The Mirror Bends

Cardopusher - Environmental Product

Doormouse - Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix)

Shimon Harbig - Petty Quarrel (feat. yumeo)

Blood Of Aza - Body Bags

Cylob - Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass