15/02/2024Youth discounts - if you’re between 18 and 30, read on…

Once again, young people can save money on Sónar 2024 tickets thanks to a series of discount initiatives for young people. 


If you’re between 18 and 30 years old, get a discount on your Sónar 2024 ticket with any of the following programmes:


The European Youth Card | Carné Joven | Carnet Jove


With your European Youth Card (Carnet Jove in Catalonia / Carné Jove in the rest of Spain) you can get a discount of €20 on any ticket for Sónar 2024 (with the exception of VIP tickets): 


  • SonarPass (access to all of Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night)
  • SonarPass+D (access to all of Sónar by Day, exclusive Sónar+D activities, and Sónar by Night)
  • Sónar by Day Pass (access to all of Sónar by Day and exclusive Sónar+D activities)
  • Sónar by Night Pass (access to all of Sónar by Night)
  • Individual Sónar by Day ticket (access to Sónar by Day on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday)
  • Individual Sónar by Night ticket (access to Sónar by Night on either Friday or Saturday) 


For more information about the European Youth Card, head to  this link.


Bono Cultural


Although the Spanish government has not yet activated the Bono Cultural 2024, the Bono Cultural 2024 is still active. This means that, if you signed up last year and still have credit left to spend, you can use it to purchase your ticket for Sónar 2024 following the same payment process as before.


Once the government has activated the Bono Cultural 2024, you’ll be able to register for the scheme and pay for your Sónar 2024 ticket using the credit on your Bono Cultural. 


Find out more about the Bono Cultural here.



Cultura Jove


Cultura Jove is a new initiative from the Generalitat de Catalunya, the successor to the Escena 25 initiative. If you’re aged between 18 and 30, you can get an individual ticket for any of the three days of Sónar by Day or any of the two nights of Sónar by Night. There’s a limited number of tickets available for each session, so don’t delay.


Find out more about the Cultura Jove initiative here.