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09/05/2024Explore the audiovisual universe of The Chemical Brothers live shows with 'Music:Response' at Casa Batlló

If you're a regular at Sónar, you’ve likely already witnessed the full force of a The Chemical Brothers live show. But... what if you could go inside one of their famed sets? Imagine being surrounded by their iconic robots... or finding yourself side-by-side with their 3D dancers.


This May, you’ll be able to do just that at 'Music:Response', the 360º audiovisual installation created by The Chemical Brothers and their longtime visual collaborators Smith & Lyall.


‘Music:Response' premieres at THE CUBE, a brand new collaboration between Sónar and Casa Batlló. A 360° audiovisual space located within the basement of the iconic Gaudi building In the centre of Barcelona, it brings together electronic music and digital art. 


‘Music:Response’ will be the first installation at THE CUBE, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the visual world that Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall have developed working with Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands - better known as The Chemical Brothers - since 1994. 


The installation also features an exclusive soundtrack, with the duo’s biggest hits reworked to accompany visual works that have been specially designed for THE CUBE.


The installation will be open to the public from 24th May until 30th September. You can purchase tickets here.