Toy Tonics Jam: Kapote & Sam RuffilloMusic
Friday 1400:35 - 02:15
The ‘Italo’ side of Berlin comes to Barcelona

Toy Tonics started four years ago as a small oasis in Berlin, a place where techno wasn’t welcome. A home for italo-disco and indie-dance. A place for "optimistic and high-quality" music. Friendly ground for disco, house and any other upbeat music, from afrofunk to soul. During their Toy Tonics Jams, the label's DJs (who are all also musicians) preach their passion for this diverse range of music. Their parties have hosted international artists like Paula Tape, Dan Shake, and CC:DISCO!, and their standing in the Berlin scene has led to bookings of their own at clubs and festivals around the world. At Sónar 2024, discover the magic of these jams, courtesy of German-Italian pairing Kapote and Sam Ruffillo, two of the three founders of Toy Tonics, a pair of DJs and producers whose wealth of experience across the European club scene predates their latest adventure. Get ready to dance the night away.