Friday 1411:00 - 20:00
Project Area
A VR permacomputing playground by Fabbula in partnership with Sónar and Octobre Numérique - Faire Monde

Located inside project area, you’ll Realities+D presented by FABBULA, in partnership with French experimental new media arts festival Octobre Numérique - Faire Monde. Explore their "Permacomputing Playgrounds" research programme with three virtual reality experiences by avant-garde artists that examine our relationship with innovation, recreation and the non-human.


The Garden by Jérémy Griffaud

The Garden immerses you in a fantasy garden filled with unique plant species, backbones of a mysterious technological production. As you take on the responsibility of caring for this production site, your mission to manage the plants turns to chaos.


Subterranean Imprint Archive by Lo-Def Film Factory (Francois Knoetze and Amy Louise Wilson)

Subterranean Imprint Archive melds rich collages of archival footage, personal narratives, and spectral visions to expose the deep-seated conflicts between mineral exploitation in Africa and the global pursuit of nuclear power.


Potential Objects by Alex Sinh Nguyen

Potential Objects transports you to a wild virtual workshop where you sculpt whimsical artifacts from abandoned remnants. The game invites players to incorporate components crafted by others into their own creations, opening up endless recycling opportunities.