Peggy GouMusic
Friday 1603:05 - 05:00
Club culture’s most curious icon

Peggy Gou was on the cusp of global stardom in 2019 when she first appeared at Sónar (for a memorable back-to-back with Palms Trax). One of the world’s most accomplished DJs returns in 2023 as an icon, and possibly club culture’s most recognisable face. Yet her career has been built the ‘right’ way: on the back of her curiosity, eclecticism and skill as a DJ. Few headlining DJs would cite Japanese electronic pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra and cult gay disco producer Patrick Cowley as influences; fewer still would regularly drop tracks from labels like Hessle Audio and Hyperdub in front of thousand-strong audiences. A headliner entirely worthy of a 30th anniversary party.