Natural Wonder Beauty ConceptMusic
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Saturday 1517:45 - 18:45
Fragile, warm and intimate downtempo

The music Ana Roxanne and Brian Piñeyro (DJ Python) make as Natural Wonder Beauty Concept is less a collaboration and more an extension of a friendship. The tentative, fragile and intimate nature of their self-titled debut album echoes how the pair first met in the winter of 2020. Ana had just moved to New York, and they got to know each other in the shadow of the pandemic and rolling lockdowns. During shared car rides, they’d talk and listen to slow, melancholy music - Telegram-era Björk, HTRK, Portishead - to decompress. When they moved to the studio, that familiarity carried over, along with a release from the expectations of their solo work - Piñeyro even contributed vocals for the first time in his career. Live, their mix of trip-hop, abstract electronica and breathy vocals feels just as warm as those first shared car journeys: come experience it at Sónar 2024.