Future of Music with Revelator Labs & MUSIC x: Royalties on-chain and self-custody of IP RightsTalk
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Friday 1416:00 - 18:00
Room+D 2
Discover how web3 technologies can be used to build a more resilient and progressive music industry with Revelator Labs & MUSIC x

The music industry is the most undervalued, and convoluted of the creative industries. In this engaging session, Revelator Labs and MUSIC x provide an innovative roadmap for the intersection of music and next generation technology.


The session will be introduced and led by Maarten Walraven, co-editor of Music x. He'll share how web3 technologies are being integrated within the music industry to enable creatives and labels to build more resilient, progressive models around the music. 


Following on from that, Maarten and the Revelator team will discuss how moving toward onchain based solutions can alleviate some of the major challenges currently faced by the music industry. From complex music rights management structures; to equitable, transparent royalty distribution, alongside self custody of IP rights and financing arrangements through rightsholder-friendly DeFi advances, this session sets up how to future proof your music business.


The second half of the session is where we'll hear some stories from artists; detailing how the Revelator Labs tooling allows them to secure self-custody of their IP rights through the tokenisation of royalties.