Sónar 2021
Sónar CCCB AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival 2021

CCCB: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

C/ de Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona

Concerts & DJsBaba Sy, Being a Curious Music-Mind by IDIBELL with dj Alicia Carrera, BFlecha, Bikôkô, Cora Novoa & The Artifacts, COUCOU CHLOE: 'OnlyONE', D. N. S, Dania, DeForrest Brown Jr. "A bitter but beautiful struggle", Die Wilde Jagd, Dj Nigga Fox Live, Dj Watusawa, Gerard Sun, Gonzo, H Waas, Il Quadro di Troisi, Iro Aka, JASSS b2b CEM Feat. Harriet Davey AV set, John Talabot & Desilence present Koraal - Magma. An audiovisual ritual through subterranean frequencies, Koreless, La Niña Jacarandá, Leon Vynehall Live, Lowprofile, Marina Herlop, Materia, Misbah, Neska, object blue & Natalia Podgorska, Live AV, Palica, Parrenin/Weinrich/Rollet, Pau Roca, PRSNT, Rakky Ripper, Raül Refree & Pedro Vian feat. Pedro Maia A/V set, Sau Poler Live, Space Afrika, Tirzah, Verde Prato, Wave 131, Yeule, Zenjiskan
Sónar+D 2021: AI and Music Placing a focus on the creative applications of machine learning, Sonar+D hosts the S+T+ARTS AI and Music Festival for the first time in Barcelona. Art and the algorithm takes center stage with performances, lectures, demonstrations and shows across the city. Holly Herndon presents her advanced work with vocal processing with Holly+, concert pianist Marco Mezquida partners with UPF for an AI assisted performance at L’Auditori and Mouse on Mars perform their AAI album live, using AI as a narrative framework and compositional tool. The festival also pioneers a blurring between formats and disciplines, with artist Libby Heaney teaming up with musician Nabiha Iqbal to explore the role of AI in decolonizing music, researchers from the UPC building an Ai dj to play b2b in real time with Awwz, and talks with an unprecedented level of performance, bringing art and science closer than ever within the festival format. This blurring of boundaries also continued into the online space, with 100% of the festivals’ content available to watch in streaming and on VOD.