‘Processing… 30 years of Sónar’ presented by ME by MeliáExhibition
Thursday 1515:00 - 22:00
An AI-powered journey through 30 years of Sónar imagery

The installation 'Processing... 30 years of Sónar', presented by ME by Meliá, offers a captivating experience that submerges the viewer in a hypnotic journey spanning 39 minutes of pure audiovisual immersion. This video installation transports viewers to the visual universe generated by an Artificial Intelligence based on the iconic images created during the 30 years of the festival.


Created by Sergio Caballero, co-director and responsible for the always controversial and powerful graphic campaigns of Sónar, this work combines his artistic vision with the music of Fennesz, a renowned musician and classic artist of the festival.


For its 30th anniversary, Sónar has revisited its past image campaigns using Artificial Intelligence. The AI carried out 29 training sessions, in each one of them using one of the image campaigns from the festival's history. In seeking to acquire the ability to generate images that could fit into each of these campaigns, the AI trained itself and generated a multitude of trial and error results. It is in the beauty of these errors that Sónar found the  image for its 30th anniversary edition.


Processing... 30 years of Sónar' is an installation where the audience can be carried away by the synergy between human creativity and Artificial Intelligence. It is a sensory journey that celebrates the past, present, and future of Sónar."


Conceptualisation and direction: Sergio Caballero 

Music: Fennesz 

AI: Franc Aleu 

Editing: Martí Roca, Sergio Caballero 

Colour grading: Marc Morató, Metropolitana

Barcelona, 2023



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