Phran presents 'Vimana Discplay' Music
Saturday 1715:30 - 16:15
A Caribbean-European soundclash

Barcelona-based producer and DJ Francisco Mejía has always tapped into his Venezuelan roots, but of late the links have become more evident.  Recent releases like his “friendly and dangerous” debut album ‘Bore Bore’ and latest dembow-heavy EP ‘Aprieta’ fit somewhere between the raw and ravey electro he released on Berlin’s Klasse Wrecks and his previous life as ‘tropical bass’ artist Pacheko. At Sónar 2023, he’ll bring these two worlds together with a live show that pays tribute to Caracas’ ‘Minitecas’, mobile street soundsystems that led to an explosion of electronic dance music in Venezuela in the late 90s and early 2000s. A true soundclash, where afro-caribbean rhythms meet post-pandemic rave culture.