Masterclass: 'Generative AI and the Arts' with Rhizomatiks, Daito Manabe and Yuya HanaiMasterclass
Thursday 1516:45 - 17:45
Under the hood of generative AI and image synthesis Or: everything you ever wanted to know about how prompt-based image generation works.

Digital artist Daito Manabe’s Rhizomatiks creative studio is a world-leader in the field of digital design and the use of AI. For this Masterclass, the Sónar+D 2023 performer will, alongside engineer Yuya Hanai, take the audience under the hood of generative AI and prompt-based image synthesis technology. 

Looking at Rhizomatiks’ own publicly available “Mitsua Diffusion CC0” AI model and the company’s “AI YouTuber” Mitsua Elan, the pair will explain how Rhizomatiks’ have developed and make use of AI technology, touching on some of the ethical and creative implications of this work.