The sounds of Sónar by Night


After the sun goes down on Sónar by Day the action continues across town at the epic venue for Sónar by Night, where the best producers and dj’s in the world keep the party going until the sun comes up again.

This playlist reflects one of the possible musical journeys across the four stages and two nights in 2019. Starting with the slow building euphoric techno of HAAi and Four Tet, and continuing through to a proper house music work out with tracks by Dj Seinfeld, Honey Dijon and the master, Louie Vega, before building to a blissful peak with disco inspired cuts from Disclosure and DJ Koze. For the climbdown, we veer into the middle eastern techno of Acid Arab and Deena Abdelwahed, the urban soul of Jarreau Vandal before A$AP Rocky’s Moby sampling Forerver A$AP and the timeless acid of Underworld’s King of Snake.

This is what every night out should sound like. Listen below.