SonarMix 015: Lowprofile - Barcelona's best-kept secret


Lowprofile by name, low-profile by nature. Sebastian Soriano is one of Barcelona’s best-kept secrets, mixing technical prowess with inspired selections. Sónar has long been where he’s come to hear influences and inspirations, from Grime artists to forward-thinking UK DJs such as Oneman, DJ EZ and Mumdance, “a must-attend event every summer for many years now,” as he puts it. In 2023 he’ll join them, taking to the stage at Sónar by Night for the first time. The perfect moment to introduce him to the world with SonarMix 015.

“I never set out to make ‘themed’ mixes, I just go with what I’m feeling at the moment and follow where the tracks take me”, he says, “ any case, I like to think that subconsciously, all my mixes have a certain narrative coherency.” Recorded at a moment when he found himself immersed in cyberpunk and dystopian fiction, his SonarMix is packed with innovative club music, from the chrome-plated futurism of Facta & K-Lone’s remix of Koreless, to Doctor Jeep’s warped latinx take on UK funky and Sunship and Warrior Queen’s forward-thinking dancehall. Grime and dubstep producers Roska and Preditah appear next to crushing club gear from the likes of Pariah and Zenker Brothers: testament to his ability to seamlessly switch between genres, styles, and tempos. 

It’s this technical skill that allows him to stay firmly in the moment. “The truth is I don’t want to pre-empt anything,” he comments when asked about his set in June. “I’d rather wait for the day to come and listen to what my body's telling me at that moment.” It’s this combination of physicality and spontaneity that make his sets such thrilling experiences.

The fact that he’s performing this year hasn’t stopped him salivating over the 30th anniversary lineup. Like many Spanish artists, he’s effusive when it comes to local talent on the lineup, reeling off a list of names from AINES to Topanga Kiddo, “...because the moment we’re having here right now is incredible.” “Seriously, I don’t know how I’m going to see it all!” he says, adding the likes of Amor Satyr, Ikonika, and MikeQ to the list. Just make sure that you find time to check out his set, at least.

Priori - Winged
Koreless - Joy Squad (Facta & K-Lone Remix)
Leonce - Corkscrew
Zvri - Kontrol ft. Cue
Two Shell - Ghosts
Ill Blu - Aztek 
DJ JM - Funicular ft. Swordman Kitala
Avernian - Seivad
Two Shell - Huku edit
Roska - Peace
Big Ever - Whackers
Soul Mass Transit System - Horror Show Dub
Anthony Naples - Swerve
Doctor Jeep - Vortex
Pariah - Caterpillar
Fixate - Gristle
Bing - Soft Yes
Walton - PMTBM
Preditah - Red Bull
Sunship - Almighty Father ft. Warrior Queen
DJ ADHD - Pulse X Refix
Zenker Brothers - Enjoy Reality
Lektor Scopes - My Intentions
Nick Leon - Xtasis ft. DJ Babatr (Pearson Sound Remix)
Sam Interface - Shadows
Huna - U Too