SonarMix 014: DALILA - A fresh, modern take on rave’s golden era 


“This mix is an invitation to party” . DALILA’s intentions for her SonarMix would be clear even without this clarification. Opening with a sample from Brian Welsh’s coming-of-age film ‘Beats’ (“...The only good system is a soundsystem, and if I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution…”), the Andalusian DJ and producer takes us on a high-adrenaline trip through the sounds of the rave.

“My appearance at Sónar comes at a time when I find myself immersed in the study of the sounds of 90s raves,” she adds, and so SonarMix 014 is laced with breakbeats, acid squelches, piano breakdowns, synth stabs, vocal samples, and trance interludes. It’s pure euphoria, partly inspired by the latent mysticism she experiences in her native Andalusia’s sacred places, which she compares to “the feeling that runs through your body when you hear the sub on a good soundsystem”. 

Mixing reworked classics (a deep-space remix of The Age Of Love’s eternal trance anthem) and deep cuts (Clubheroes’ screwball take on piano house) with new-school productions (an unreleased ‘bomb’ - literally - from Valencia’s Pépe) and unexpected twists (trance producer Mike Koglin’s not-so-subtle lift of Depeche Mode) she’s “playing with nostalgia, the feeling that any moment in the past was better, but with a modern and fresh perspective.” 

It’s an approach that fits perfectly with Sónar’s 30th anniversary celebrations  - “the equation solves itself,” as she says - where she’ll join the artists like SHERELLE, Anz, and Bored Lord in repurposing rave’s golden age, alongside original icons from that era like Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier, and Angel Molina. But above all she’s keen to highlight the diversity and depth of local talent at the festival. “I love that Spanish artists are so well-represented, it serves as proof of how important the scene we’ve built has become”. Proof that she herself is helping provide. 

Envelope - Electronic Love x Ilegal Radio Guy, Beats (Brian Welsh, 2019)
Plastic Pervert - Alarm Bells 
Clubheroes - Da Lost Piano 
Zalstman - Take The Man 
Acidulant - Who’s The Gangster In You?
Johnny Dangerously, Oz & Storm - This Is The Situation 
Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Remix)
S.O.N.S. - Taj Mahal
Mike Koglin - The Silence (Tekara Mix)
Klaus Heavyweight Hill - Bubblegum
DJ Icey - Vocoder Bass
Glam - Hell's Party (Original 12”)
Pépe - The Bomb (Unreleased) 
Ignition - Expression 2
Cignol - Semiprimes