Sónar+D Open Call now closed


The open call is now closed. Thank you very much for participating. Well contact all applications in the next few weeks. See you at Sónar+D 2023.


today joins the 30th anniversary celebrations, publishing a special open call for artistic and technological projects aimed at artists, studios, collectives, and any other organisation working at the intersection between art, technology, sciences, and society

Submissions are welcome from projects and ideas in the fields of sound, music, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3, new media art, immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), and digital design and creation.

Projects selected will be presented to thousands of attendees at Sónar Barcelona, on June 15th, 16th and 17th 2023.

The deadline to submit your proposal is Monday 6th March.

In addition, this year Sónar+D will be updated, with new formats, spaces, and content so that any project or idea can find place at Sónar 2023, and make use of the platform that the festival provides in Barcelona.

If you think your project, idea, prototype or product could be a part of Sónar+D, we want you to join the biggest celebration of talent in Barcelona, helping position the city as a global hub for art, science and technology - and their associated communities.

You can submit your application until Monday 6th March. 

Please read the following information carefully BEFORE sending your application:

· Sónar+D will cover costs associated with exhibition during the festival, but will not cover production or development costs of any projects.
· Projects must be suitable for exhibition or presentation at Sónar+D.
· We welcome submissions from anywhere in the world. Proposals can be submitted in English, Spanish or Catalan.
· We will not accept submissions relating to musical performances nor DJ sets.
· Once completed, your application cannot be edited.

Below you’ll find an FAQ with more information:
- Who is the open call for?
- What topics will be covered at Sónar+D 2023?
- What kind of projects will be considered?
- Why present my project at Sónar+D?
- Where will my project be presented at Sónar+D?
- What will Sónar+D offer me for my participation? 
- How do I apply?

Who is the open call for?

This open call is aimed at artists, makers, creative technology start-ups and businesses, universities and education institutes, creative laboratories and research centres.

What topics will be covered at Sónar+D 2023?

The conversation at Sónar+D 2023 will focus on three current hot topics:
· Artificial Intelligence (AI), its relationship with musical and audiovisual projects, and its cultural and societal impact.
· the development of technology - such as Web3, blockchain and immersive media - and how this interacts with creative processes. 
· the climate emergency and how creators tackle it from different angles and perspectives.

What kind of projects will be considered?

Submissions will be accepted from projects that use the following tools or are presented using the following medias: 
· Immersive experiences and technologies: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 
· Interactive art
· Digital design and manufacture
· Musical and audiovisual production
· Sound installations. Musical instruments, apps, interfaces, devices…
· Scientific research projects
· Artistic video games
· …and other projects which challenge pre-established disciplines and paradigms and propose new realities.

Why present my project at Sónar+D?

· It’s an ideal testing ground for prototypes, where you can make showcase your project to a wide audience that includes potential clients, the media and the general public.

· It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with other participants from different communities, establish contacts for future collaborations, and get to know other businesses and projects.

Where will my project be presented at Sónar+D?

Depending on the nature of your project or idea, if selected, Sónar+D will host it in one of the following spaces:

· Project Area: A new area that connects Sónar+D with the rest of the festival, made up of various exhibition areas where projects (either final or under development) can be presented by creators, businesses, start-ups or institutions. This area is open to the general public at Sónar by Day, which means you can exhibit your work - visual art; sound art; and projects that use VR, AR, and similar new tools - across three days to a physical audience ranging from curious festival attendees to experts and specialists. You will even be able to set up your own interactive workshop in this space if you’d like to.

· Room+D: A new space aimed at expert audiences, where demos, closed-door workshops, dedicated sector-specific workshops, branded events, and other activities will take place. An ideal space for your business to showcase its work.

· Lounge+D: A mixed working and social area for Delegate-pass holders, featuring a small stage which can be used for more intimate and interactive presentations to the Sónar+D community. It will host ‘open mic’ and ‘meet-the-team’ sessions, where you can share your ideas, present your projects and establish relationships that will help you work towards your objectives.

What will Sónar+D offer me for my participation? 

· We’ll facilitate your participation, offering support and helping you manage potential sponsorship for your project by third parties (foundations, sponsors, cultural institutions, etc.).

· A physical space at the festival and coverage of exhibition expenses (electricity, help with set-up and dismantling, security, cleaning, etc.). Please note that expenses associated with the production, promotion, development, or implementation of any project will not be covered.

In addition, Sónar+D also offers:

· 5 Delegate passes for each selected project, providing access to all Sónar+D activities and all Sónar by Day concerts.

· Access to exclusive delegate-only areas and activities: Lounge+D; and the Sónar+D programme of masterclasses, panels and community meet-ups (from 11:00h on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June).

· Promotion of your project via Sónar+D communication channels. 

· Access to the exclusive Delegate-only Sónar+D Networking App, which allows you to connect with the entire Sónar+D community.

· Special discount for purchase of additional Delegate Passes.

How do I apply? 

· Send us your application by filling in the form.
· Open call deadline is Monday 6th March.