Pump up the volume: DESPACIO comes to Sónar by Night


You're in a darkened room. The only light comes from the glint of a giant mirrorball, hanging from the ceiling. Through the gloom, you make out more glowing lights, the neon green of mighty Macintosh tube stacks arranged in a circle around the space. To the left and right of you, bodies sway and dance, eyes closed, smiles across their faces. In a far corner, hidden away from the focus of the crowd, a dj chooses a record from a stack of vinyl and mixes in a new track. The drums gently chug, and a synthline comes in that you recognize. As the bassline rings out and you start to move, you realize you've heard this track before, but never like this.

Three of the most influential artists in dance music; LCD Soundsystems's James Murphy and Soulwax's Stephen and David Dewaele, arrive at Sónar 2020 to explore every facet of their sound across three of the festival's most iconic stages: SonarVillage by Estrella Damm, SonarPub by Thunder Bitch and, for the first time, DESPACIO at SonarCar.

Warming things up on Thursday 18th June, NYC's James Murphy will play the outdoor stage at Sónar by Day for the first time, in a sunset slot that will allow him to explore the psychedelic side of his tastes, and where 80's post-punk gems and soulful disco edits are sure to make an appearance.

Created with the idea of putting the focus back on the music, and on the dancefloor, the circular hi-fi soundsystem DESPACIO will transform SonarCar into a dream space for music fans - half nightclub, half choose your own adventure - delivered through a custom soundsystem of seven, 50,000 watt McIntosh stacks.

Inspired by David Mancuso's NYC party The Loft and Ibiza's golden age of Balearic house, DESPACIO is a chance for Murphy and the Dewaele brothers to express the eclectic side of their formidable vinyl collection, with only one rule - No records over 120bpm. The result is a continuous journey through popular music history where Kate Bush and Talking Heads cuts fit perfectly with specially cut dubplates of disco edits. As they say, Despacio IS Happiness.

While DESPACIO is an exercise in taking things slow, 2manydj's closing set at SonarPub by Thunder Bitch on Fri 19th will be just the opposite: a late night chance for the brothers to show off their talents for quickfire mixing and dancefloor destroying edits, while the sun comes up over one of Sónar by Night's most iconic stages.

3 artists. 3 days. 3 stages. A million opportunities to dance like nobody's watching.