Cannes Film Festival's Directors' Fortnight to premiere “Je te tiens” by Sergio Caballero


The short film "Je te tiens", directed by Sergio Caballero, co-founder of Sónar, will premiere worldwide at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. The film, which was created during the shooting of the Sónar 2019 campaign has been selected and will be screened at the 51st Quinzaine Directors' Fortnight, taking place from the 15 to the 25 May.

Starring internationally renowned Spanish Actress Angela Molina, "Je te tiens" is Sergio Caballero's first incursion into drama, narrating road trip taken by a mother and daughter across unusual worlds, exploring themes of familial love, abandonment, nihilism and suicide.

The director, Sergio Caballero, on the shoot:

"It's the first time I've worked with a professional actress. It had to be someone who felt comfortable with my working method, where there is no script and where the world in which the story takes place is strange and unconventional. Ángela understood perfectly this energy and that intuition was the engine that powers the film. She said yes right away and I think it has been fantastic to work with an actress who doesn't just act, she lives the role."

"It's not the first time in which people from Sónar's team have participated in the festival's campaigns. On this occasion I needed someone to play the role of the daughter, I saw Virginia Rousse - Sónar's booker - sitting at her table and I thought: but... she's exactly like a young Ángela!"

"Je te tiens" was edited by Bernat Vilaplana, with photography by Claudia Mallart and an original soundtrack by composer and conductor Pedro Alcalde, in collaboration with Sergio Caballero.