Big names in avant-garde electronics with Actress, Deena Abdelwahed, Lotic…


New frontiers in hyperlocal beats from around the world come to Sónar Barcelona 2019. Tunisian producer Deena Abdelwahed who will bring us the Arab sounds of the future with a live set inspired by her recent debut Khonnar, while Actress, an artist who has put his own particular UK spin on abstract techno, will present a new audiovisual show based on Artificial Intelligence that learns and assimilates the sounds of the artist himself to give shape to something completely new.

Lotic, the art-grime producer will premiere their new show that plays with spectacular polyhedral lights accompanied by the set designer Emmanuel Biard, who has already participated in creating spectacular shows by Evian Christ and Koreless in previous editions.

One of the most prominent and revitalizing figures in the American postmodern music scene, pianist Bruce Brubaker, will join young Northern Irish electronics producer Max Cooper. Together they will reinvent a series of piano works by the master Philip Glass with a concert called 'Glassforms'.

Ecuador's Nicola Cruz, the main contemporary reference-point for electronic Andeans sounds, returns this year, now fully established as an artist, with a new show and a new album.

K Á R Y Y N, the Syrian-born artist living in Los Angeles, will present her minimalist productions combining the ancestral sonorities of her predecessors with digital glitches, which will illuminate the SonarComplex stage with an unpredictable live performance that aims at revelation.

Mans O will present a new album through a show that will go far beyond a simple electronic live with synthesizers, which will add images, dance and surprising scenic elements.

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