SonarCar by TOUS

Samantha Hudson presents ‘AOVE Black Label’


Spain’s most outrageous icon comes to Sónar by Night

Barely recovered from Samantha Hudson’s 'Liquidación Total Por Cierre' in 2022, Sónar once again welcomes the Spanish queer icon for a brand new party. This time, at Sónar by Night, she'll perform the greatest hits from her back catalogue, plus new songs from her forthcoming EP ‘AOVE’ (it stands for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”). This new show, 'AOVE Black Label', continues her provocative work with electronic music, part theatrical performance and part hardcore ‘bakala’ concert. Featuring Artificial Intelligence, 3-D graphics, post-ironic thought, and of course, plenty of humour. Collective catharsis, signed by Samantha Hudson at her most outrageous.