+RAIN Film Fest

Exploring new cinema created with AI

This year Sónar+D is a co-organiser and host for the 2023 AI & Web3 Creatives Summit, which in one of its four sessions will look at the relationship between cinema and Artificial Intelligence. This conversation will feature several participants from the +RAIN Film Fest. The first European festival dedicated to cinema made with Artificial Intelligence, it’s organised by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), and held on the University’s Poblenou Campus on Wednesday 14th June.

+RAIN stands for “Research AI Narratives” and explores contemporary film storytelling using AI-based technologies and the resulting aesthetic, ethical, and political possibilities and implications. A particular focus of the festival will be the role of authorship under this new paradigm, as AI-enabled creative processes become more accessible and prevalent.

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+RAIN Film Fest has announced a global open call for films created using AI. You can submit your film for consideration at this link. Deadline Friday 7th April 2023.