Héctor Oaks presents ‘Fuego Universal’ live


A new live show from the Madrid-born, Berlin-raised raver

With each passing year, Héctor Oaks needs less of an introduction. Forged in Madrid, he laid the foundations of his artistic project in Berlin. It was there that his passion for techno parties, his obsession with rummaging through dusty crates of records - in search of who-knows-what -  and his perseverance as a vinyl-only DJ helped gather him a following of more and more ravers. Sónar 2022 saw him appear with Richie Hawtin for a historic vinyl-only back-to-back in Lisbon, as well as with members of his Herrensauna collective in Barcelona. At Sónar 2023, Héctor Oaks goes one step further, performing 'Fuego Universal', his new live set. Featuring a completely new set-up,  special guest appearances and an audiovisual element, it will bring together all his influences.