SonarCar by TOUS

Âme b2b Marcel Dettmann


Two very different visions of techno, back-to-back and all-night-long

So much has been written about German techno that it seems impossible to find undiscovered regions. But here comes Kristian Beyer, one half of the well-established Âme project (the other half, Frank Wiedemann, focuses on live performances), alongside Marcel Dettmann. One of the most restless selectors of melodic techno and introspective electronic dance music will take to the booth alongside the standard-bearer for Berlin temple Berghain and its industrial techno blueprint. Two radically different conceptions of techno will coexist for five hours together at SonarCar by TOUS  in the middle of Sónar by Night. Perhaps this is an occasion when there’ll still be places to discover.