Two months before the world was introduced to Bored Apes and Beeple made international headlines for Everydays: the First 5000 Days, a small NFT platform out of Brazil was making waves in the digital art world. The community that formed out of HicEtNunc, a community of contemporary artists, digital designers, and professors, curators, and gallerists from the traditional art world, was showcased to the world at the Tezos exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021. The 26 artists from 15 countries on 5 continents on exhibit at the AMBM Tezos exhibition cemented the Tezos blockchain as the place for real art in the crypto world. Since then, institutions and independent artists have coalesced around the Tezos art community: The Whitworth Museum released a William Blake on Tezos; Bloomberg and Serpentine teamed up to display a Tezos installation at the kick-off of the Venice Biennale, and the Tezos ecosystem announced a return to the Art Basel fair slated for Hong Kong and Basel as the official blockchain partner of the seminal gatherings. The Tezos NFT remains a community unlike anything popularized in the NFT revolution, and the establishment of the Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection will further elevate this emerging global phenomenon.