In 2019, we became sponsors of Sónar for the first time. For obvious reasons, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this year’s event. Many things connect us with Sónar: Barcelona, innovation, a zest for life... as well as our shared sense of being an open space where people can express themselves creatively through music, through fashion.

To celebrate our return to the festival, we have launched a limited edition bum bag with a unique print created by Maitrepierre, the French brand headed by the young designer of the same name, Alphonse Maitrepierre. The print, presented in two colours, hints at some of the themes of the collection that the French designer and Desigual have put together and which is due to be unveiled in September. 

Alphonse himself explained the specifics of his design: “My aim was to create a print that, from a distance, appears to be a classic floral print, but when you get closer it transforms into something strange and disconcerting. That’s why I used mantises as a motif, with their hybrid appearance that sits somewhere between nature and technology, as if they came from a laboratory or another planet. By working on the design from a digital and 3D perspective, we achieved the illusion of real insects on the fabric.”

The piece also features a surprise that elevates the experience of wearing this accessory: a QR code that, when scanned, lets the wearer see for themselves how the inspiration comes to life

Available in fluorescent green and orange, the bum bag will be available to purchase on and is included in the festival welcome pack for all artists, journalists and VIPs.