It’s not Sónar without techno


The previously underground genre of electronic music has grown and evolved so much in recent years, and will be heard at Sónar Barcelona 2022 like never before. Techno will be merged with other styles, played both live and by DJs, and performed by both superstars of 4/4 and artists from scenes far from the spotlight.

Some of the best-known artists from the international techno scene will be charged with shaking the foundations of SonarClub until 7:30am. Three producers and DJs who are experiencing the biggest moments of their careers in 2022 will man the booth of the biggest dancefloor in the world on Saturday night. Belgium’s Charlotte de Witte blends techno for big spaces and nostalgic trance; Naples’ Anfisa Letyago shows her love of melodic yet acidic techno, and Sweden’s La Fleur mixes big hits with hidden gems from the underground. Dutchman Reinier Zonneveld will also make his debut at the festival with a riotous acid techno live set.

Before that, on Friday, the same stage will host Richie Hawtin’s minimal techno and and a special live a/v set by Brazilian DJ ANNA. One of the rising stars of the genre, she’s prepared a special live a/v set for Sónar with visual artists Maotik.

SonarLab by Resident Advisor will witness two of the most hard-hitting techno sets of Sónar 2022. On Friday, Germany’s Skee Mask will take his turn behind the decks with a mix of breakbeats, electro and techno. A similar mix will be delivered by his compatriot and unerring selector Helena Hauff on Saturday, a punk at heart who wears her love of industrial music as a badge of pride.

Lovers of the hardest and most aggressive techno will have circled SonarCar on Saturday night, where Herrensauna XXL will be in charge of the surround sound system of the circular club inside the festival. The queer collective from Berlin will debut in Spain with a 6 hour showcase featuring 4 djs - Salome, CEM, MCMLXXXV and Spain’s own Cadency (Héctor Oaks) - turning the venue into a giant rave.