7 new reasons to come to Sónar+D 2022


The most interactive and engaging edition of Sónar+D to date continues to grow. Today, a new exhibition space, plus more artists and participants are unveiled, with just a few weeks left to secure your delegate pass to enjoy the full Sónar+D experience in person again.
A new dedicated exhibition space, SonarMàtica

Sónar+D expands its programme to explore the most groundbreaking paradigms of digital art. SonarMàtica is a new dedicated space designed to host thought-provoking, boundary-pushing installations and digital artworks. The walk-through space will be organised as an art gallery, featuring artists from Catalonia, Spain and across the world.

More names for the +D programme

The Sónar+D stages SonarComplex and Stage+D also reveal new names today, with JASSS & Ben Kreukniet, Martin Messier and Craig Leon added to the musical lineup. Craig Leon also appears as part of the conference programme, joined by Monira Al Qadiri & Raed Yassin, Constanza Piña, and Bas Grasmayer & Kaitlyn Davies’s Web3 Masterclass on SonarÀgora.

Exclusive benefits for delegates

Delegates get priority access to the Masterclasses in the limited capacity SonarÀgora, just one reason to buy your delegate pass now. A delegate pass also grants exclusive access to Lounge+D by Patreon; as well as VIP areas, bars and restaurants; and fast-track access to Sónar by Day and by Night. This year Lounge+D by Patreon isn’t just a place to recharge, refresh and network: for the first time it also includes Corner+D by Patreon, an intimate setting for exclusive Q&As with artists and participants for delegates only. The package also includes tickets to the Inaugural Concert and, as always, the Sónar 2022 official bag exclusively designed by DESIGUAL, plus much more. Full details are available here.

A premiere to close Stage+D
Looking more closely at the new additions to the programme, JASSS & Ben Kreukniet premiere ‘A World Of Service’, a show that uses the dissolution of boundaries to explore our collective psyche. An entirely new audiovisual presentation of JASSS’ most recent album, created in collaboration with visual artist and Massive Attack collaborator Ben Kreukniet, it will close Stage+D on all three days.

Final additions for SonarComplex

Martin Messier also goes under the skin for his performance ‘Echo Chamber’, an exploration of sonic and visual resonance, inspired by acupuncture and ultrasound. He’s joined on SonarComplex by legendary producer and musician Craig Leon, who’ll perform his pioneering electronic compositions.

Performative conferences
The interaction between past and future inspires Craig Leon’s “interplanetary folk music”: he’ll give an accompanying talk on Stage+D prior to his concert. ‘Ecology and Fiction’, a key theme for Sónar+D this year, provides space for other artists to explore the push and pull between folklore and speculative thinking. Constanza Piña’s hybrid presentation will show how an ancient Andean coding system, khipu, prefigured modern computing by many centuries. Kuwaiti visual artist Monira Al Qadiri draws on ancient Middle Eastern cultures and modern petro-states, performing an audiovisual essay accompanied by musician and artist Raed Yassin.

A Web3 Masterclass
And finally, experts Bas Grasmayer and Kaitlyn Davies will deliver a Masterclass on decentralised internet, NFTs, smart contracts and everything else Web3, another key theme for Sónar+D 2022. It will be an apt accompaniment for the displays of digital art in SonarMàtica, as well as food-for-thought for any one of numerous conversations in Lounge+D by Patreon.