• Saturday 18 19:45 - 20:45

    Sónar by Day - SonarPark by DICE

Far-out, offbeat hip-hop

Plastic People, the much-missed East London club, changed a lot of lives. But it probably didn’t change anyone’s life quite as much as it did Joe Thornalley’s. First, the London-born producer handed James Blake a USB stick of his bedroom productions at one of the producer’s 1-800 Dinosaur events in the Shoreditch club. Blake went on to play a bunch of the tracks on his BBC Radio One Residency. Then, in the very same place, he met one Frank Ocean, who would invite him out to LA to work on his visual album “Endless” and then his platinum selling magnum opus “Blonde”. The kid from Kilburn clearly knows how to network in a smoking area. He also knows his way around a beat, producing, smooth, glossy tracks that pulse with an alluring offbeat appeal, not unlike his teenage idol J-Dilla. His hazy, wistful sound is a perfect fit for Sónar by Day where he’ll play a DJ set that will lean heavily on bassy, off-kilter hip-hop and rhythmic experimentalism.