'Uncompressed' (Hainbach, Look Mum No Computer, Cuckoo) presented by Patreon


  • Saturday 18 14:00 - 14:45

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Sonic, creative and performative innovation

Uncompressed is a new project, supported by creator’s platform Patreon, that brings together three musicians from across Europe with a distinctive creative approach, and an even more distinctive way of presenting it. Hainbach, Look Mum No Computer and Cuckoo and all make music that’s radical, playful and thought-provoking; but it’s their use of online platforms to interact with their audiences that unites them. As Uncompressed, they’ll premiere a new kind of live show that mixes live demonstration, improvisation and discussion, providing insight on their creative processes as they perform together. And who wouldn’t be curious to see what happens when the creator of the Furby organ (Look Mum No Computer) meets an electro-acoustic composer working with tape loops (Hainbach) and walking synthesiser user manual (Cuckoo)? A performance that represents everything that Sónar stands for in terms of sonic, creative and performative innovation.