Tupac Martir: 'Haita'

  • Saturday 18 18:00 - 18:30

    Sónar by Day - Stage+D


Haita is born from imagining how a dancer’s choreography could be explored from the inside-out. It uses cutting-edge scientific and creative technology developed by renowned Mexican artist Tupac Martir, currently artist in residence at the Champalimaud Foundation, a leading biomedical research institute. 

Known as the ‘The Magician of Light’, Martir has designed lighting and visuals for a wide range of clients from Danny Boyle to Beyoncé and from The Serpentine Gallery to Alexander Wang. He’s recently stepped into virtual reality with an award-winning film ‘The Cosmos Within Us’.

For Haita he worked with medical EEG scans, as well as motion and volumetric capture technology, creating projections and visuals based on a dancer’s own brainwave patterns and movements as she danced.

At Sónar+D Haita will be staged as a performance, set to music inspired by Mexican songs and Portuguese fado, with choreography incorporating ballet, Portuguese Vira and Mexican traditions. As the dancer moves, she will be illuminated with representations of her own movements and brain activity, which are also projected onto four screens surrounding the stage.