SonarPark by DICE

Scotch Rolex ft MC Yallah & Lord Spikeheart


  • Friday 17 20:40 - 21:40

    Sónar by Day - SonarPark by DICE

An unprecedented and extreme collaboration

What do you get when you cross a Japanese chiptune producer with a Ugandan female MC and Nairobi’s most extreme metal vocalist? The answer, apparently, is Scotch Rolex. Named after a ubiquitous Ugandan street snack, Scotch Rolex is another product of the ferociously creative Nyege Nyege hive based in Kampala, Uganda. Bringing together Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg) with a host of African MCs and vocalists, this year’s “Tewari” LP brought to mind The Bug at his most deranged and unhinged. Although honestly, the music defied both comparison and categorisation: a sort of mutant dancehall that veered all over the spectrum, from choppy 8-bit dembow to speaker-shredding grindcore. Ishihara will bring the project, ably assisted by contributors MC Yallah and Lord Spikeheart (of Kenyan noise/metal duo Duma), to life at Sónar 2022. Intensity is a given.