Samantha Hudson: 'Liquidación Total Por Cierre'


  • Friday 17 18:30 - 19:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

An obscene variety show from "The Queen of the Underworld"

“The Queen of the Underworld” comes to Sónar by Day. Queer sensation Samantha Hudson takes pleasure in skewering ‘modern’ society, focusing her ire and coarse humour on targets like homophobia and discrimination, capitalism and consumerism, religion and machismo… All of which are subject to special treatment in her “new and obscene” show ‘Liquidación Total’. Bringing to life her 2021 album of the same name, the 21-year old Mallorcan has put together a concert that treads the line between satirical stand-up and musical spectacle. While her lyrical talent and performance skills attract the majority of attention, musically, she’s no slouch. There’s a debt paid to classic electroclash, but she also works with dembow and reggaeton rhythms, trance and hyperpop aesthetics. Acid-tongued, tacky, sarcastic, provocative, overblown, razor-sharp… She’ll present a special version of her ‘variety show’, the defining statement of her career so far, at Sónar 2022.