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Emo-trap's first anti-star

A few years ago, emo-trap might have sounded like a joke. Fast-forward to 2021, and it’s anything but. Spanish rapper Rojuu is one of the pioneers of a genre that takes cues from the gonzo trap of Rae Sremmurd, the impossible romanticism of manga, alternative rap icons like Yung Lean and Bladee and yes, a certain mid-2000s emo aesthetic. His lyrics are a riposte to the flexing and braggadocio of the drill scene: shy and inward-focused, set to music that’s gently scattered with sadness. That sense of honesty and emotional openness has made the former YouTuber into an unexpected, if not unlikely, star. There’s wisdom in his words as well, which capture how technology has helped turn kids into unwitting adults - for better or for worse. Maybe teenage years might have been a little easier on everyone if there’d been more anti-icons like Rojuu.