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Robin Stewart (Giant Swan) DJ set


  • Saturday 18 01:10 - 02:10

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab by Resident Advisor

DIY techno-not-techno

“This is why we started doing it, because it’s fun” - so says Robin Stewart. Together with Harry Wright, he forms duo Giant Swan, who’ve garnered a reputation over the past years as one of the most intense - and fun -  live acts around. Based in Bristol, they describe their music as ‘techno-not-techno’, a nod to their musical beginnings, when the pair of childhood friends started messing around with pedals and synthesisers following the dissolution of their  noise/shoegaze band The Naturals. Their live performances - honed over many years of touring the DIY circuit - start with the pair hunched over a table full of cables, wires and FX pedals, before exploding into a wild frenzy of sweat, feedback, distorted bass and uncontrollable energy. Or, put simply, a Giant Swan live show is a whole lot of fun.