Richie Hawtin


  • Friday 17 04:10 - 05:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Minimal techno's greatest ambassador

There are many legends in techno, from Detroit’s founding fathers - The Belleville Three, Underground Resistance  - through to Berlin’s Basic Channel and beyond, but while their influence cannot, and should not be understated, few artists have taken such a consistently innovative approach to the genre as Richie Hawtin. A true techno auteur Richie’s constant experimentation at the intersection of technology, music and culture has enabled electronic music to cross borders both geographical and conceptual. Equally at home collaborating with giants of the art and fashion worlds such as Anish Kapoor or Raf Simons, being at the heart of discussions about the future of the music industry, or playing to a crowd of thousands in Mumbai, Tokyo, Mexico, or indeed Sónar, Richie’s defining mission is to make connections between people. Who better to bring us all together again, after a year when we’ve been missing exactly that?