Reinier Zonneveld Live


  • Saturday 18 04:40 - 05:40

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

A runaway train loaded with 303s

It’s a little surprising to find that there aren’t many interviews with Reinier Zonneveld. The Dutch techno producer and DJ has played at some of the biggest events on the planet, from Awakenings to Time Warp, yet he’s barely said a word to the press. It’s maybe because he doesn’t have the time: too busy preparing one of his mammoth all-night long live sessions for his favourite hometown club De Marktkantine, or scouting for new talent to release on his Filth On Acid imprint (it does what it says on the tin). Zonneveld’s work ethic and drive certainly seems to equal the intensity of his sets of thundering, acid drenched techno - he started making music while studying for not just one, but two Masters degrees - so maybe it’s better if he’s left in peace. A mention of his taste for startlingly extravagant shirts - which match the searing quality of his music - is necessary though. He’ll roll through Sónar 2022 like a runaway train loaded with 303s.