Quayola/Seta: 'Transient' Performance presented by ME by Meliá


  • Friday 17 20:30 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Grand pianos, algorithms and immersive environments

Quayola/Seta - ‘Transient Performance’, presented by ME by Meliá, is a starting point, the first phase of an ongoing collaboration between Davide Quayola and Andrea Santicchia (aka Seta), two Italian artists at the forefront of audiovisual experimentation. In this performance, the two prodigies use their four hands to improvise in real-time using complex algorithms. Sound and images are generated simultaneously, creating perfectly synchronised synesthetic alliterations.

Sonically, classical minimalism and impressionism converge with experimental electronic and techno music. The use of two grand pianos and traditional paintings suggests a classical heritage, although, in this case, it is the machines and mathematical functions that are animating both the keys and the canvas, creating abstract, naturalist compositions.

Additionally, the Sónar audience and anyone visiting Barcelona during the festival can also visit Quayola - ‘Transient’ Installation, presented by ME by Meliá. This is an immersive audiovisual installation designed for one of the private spaces of the recently inaugurated Hotel ME Barcelona.