Pedro Vian & Mana


  • Saturday 18 14:30 - 15:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Fragmented memories of rave's golden age

Pedro Vian heads up Modern Obscure Music, the experimental Barcelona label who have drawn attention with their PRSNT compilation, a series of 30 second tracks recorded by artists such as Laurie Spiegel, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sónar 2022 artists Lafawndah and Lyra Pramuk, which was reimagined as a video capsule for SónarCCCB 2021. He’s also a talented producer, with a slew of releases that explore a particularly mediterranean kind of experimental electronica - pastel-hued, warm and shimmering. An accomplished collaborator, both live and in the studio, he was last seen in Barcelona performing a spectacular and immersive audiovisual set with Raül Refree and Pedro Maia for Sónar. This time round he’ll be joined on stage by Daniele Mana, the Turin-based artist who explored minimalist, beatless, almost classical textures via an album and EP under his surname for Hyperdub. Together they’ll present their forthcoming collaborative album ‘Cascades’ - due out on Modern Obscure Music at the end of the year - which deconstructs and reassembles fragmented memories of rave culture.