SonarPark by DICE



  • Thursday 16 20:35 - 21:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarPark by DICE

Freaky, fast-paced club music with a sense of humour

"Spreading his digital love and dishing out lethal 69 techniques live and direct to your senses” reads Partiboi69’s press sheet. Which doesn’t really help understand him any better. Do you know anything about electro-dank? K-Tech? Maybe you're more familiar with ghetto-freak? But beyond the carefully curated image and the outrageous sense of humour, this Australian DJ and producer’s sets are riotously entertaining, fusing rapid-fire ghetto-house, the filthier side of techno and electro, and first generation animated internet graphics. It’s all designed to create a performance that is “just like 69ing” - of course -  both visually and aurally pleasing. Partiboi69 descends on Sónar by Day ready to live up to his name, and kickstart the party.