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Niño de Elche + Ylia + Banda “La Valenciana”: 'Concert de músika festera'


  • Friday 17 18:15 - 19:05

    Sónar by Day - SonarPark by DICE

Reinterpreting the music of popular festivals

A longtime friend of Sónar returns with a new show of ‘festive music’. Paco Contreras, aka Niño de Elche (‘The Kid from Elche’ - his hometown, near Alicante) is one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary flamenco, dragging folklore kicking and screaming into the modern age. Political, poetic, aesthetically striking, his music merges Spanish traditional music with contemporary and electronic sounds, as well as phonetic poetry and experimental forms. A published poet, and a recent collaborator of Spanish pop icon and Sónar by Night headliner C. Tangana, for Sónar 2022 he’s prepared ‘Concert de músika festera’, a trip through festive music accompanied by Ylia and the 40 musicians of “La Valenciana, “where dance or die is a motto for survival” and where “the night, the hours before dawn, and daybreak are not only moments of the day, but forms of life”. Cryptic, suggestive and intriguing: such is the work of Niño de Elche, which will be staged as never before at Sónar 2022.