• Saturday 18 22:40 - 23:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab by Resident Advisor

Futuristic, natural music

Initially formed under the auspices of Kampala’s Nyege Nyege festival and label, Nihiloxica’s fervent, ferocious mix of Bugandan drumming and live electronics is the result of a collaboration Nilotika Cultural Ensemble percussion group with two UK-based musicians, Spooky J and pq. What started out as a one-off collaboration has blossomed into a full band project, as their 2020 album “Kaloli” shows. Rhythms flow like streams and patter like rainwater, giving way to washes of electronics, music that feels at once completely natural and impressively forward-thinking. This isn’t your average collaborative project, as one Richard D. James would agree: he brought them to warm up for Aphex Twin back in 2019. We’re delighted to welcome this unique group to Sónar by Night in 2022.