• Saturday 18 21:30 - 22:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Exquisite sounds

A multi-talented DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of dance music, Lucient’s a difficult artist to pin down to any one particular style. On any given night he might reach for twinkling IDM or sunset Balearic, or maybe you’ll catch him in the mood for classic house mixed into global sounds and shimmering ambient. Or maybe he’ll stick to the kind of leftfield techno that dances around four-to-the-floor. And if he’s playing one of his marathon 12-hour sessions at Barcelona’s LAUT, you’ll get all of the above… and more. We’re glad to welcome him back to Sónar, this time on his own, after a first appearance in 2018 with collaborator and Lapsus head honcho Wooky as C.E.E. Shepherds.