Lafawndah presents Snug Harbour


  • Thursday 16 20:20 - 21:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Devotional pop's foremost polymath

World Premiere of Lafawndah's Snug Harbour, a new full band show featuring unreleased music, especially for Sónar

Lafawndah's journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style. The ceaseless artist returned in September last year with ‘The Fifth Season’, released on Parisian label Latency. In contrast to the precision-tuned industrial productions of debut album ‘Ancestor Boy’, her second album breathes a different kind of volatility, inviting a new degree of spontaneity into her process, collaborating with the likes of tubist Theon Cross, French rapper Lala &ce, visual artist Marguerite Humeau and more. Adaptive and unrestrictable, Lafawndah has taken her expansive and dynamic shows to pioneering festivals and cultural institutions around the world. From her solo performances, to her monumental Fifth Season shows, to her live collaborations, Lafawndah’s concert experiences are always unique and mercurial, with only their unpredictability the common thread between them. We’re excited to see whats in store for her show at Sónar 2022.